Whole Family Dentistry

A Dentist for Children – and everyone else!

Whole Family Dentistry

At Foutz Family Dental, we put an emphasis on FAMILY. Everyone in our office is comfortable working on patients of all ages. Dr. Jake has three children of his own, and he knows how important the success of a child’s dental appointment it is—both the child and the parent should feel comfortable. We encourage you to bring in your 1-year-old for their first visit. We’d love to show them how fun it can be to visit the dentist!

It is important to keep in mind that there are some children that need special care that should be rendered in a specialist’s office. At your appointment, we will see if your child is a good candidate for our family model, or if they would be better served in a pediatric office.

Our number one priority is to make sure that EVERYONE receives the best care available—even if the best place is not our office. There are several local pediatric specialists we refer to, or if you have a recommendation from a friend, that is fine too.

Family Dentist

So, no matter what your age is—whether you’re young or just young at heart!—we would be honored to be your partner in dental health.